Thursday, November 29, 2012

CHANEL Cosmetics... Natural Finish Loose Powder

No matter how many Chanel cosmetics  I have had , every time I buy something new from this legendary fashion house, my heart skips a beat, just like when I bought my first CHANEL lipstick.  So, it was no surprise that when I ran out of my loose powder, I started my shopping at the CHANEL cosmetic counter.

I never had this product from CHANEL before.  However, knowing how beautiful their blushes are, I think that they are the best for its incredible subtle shimmer, I thought that finishing loose powder will not disappoint as well.

It did not take long for a sales person to help me with the right color, there is only three shades, and I walked away with a large 1 oz. jar of beautiful CHANEL powder.  As I said, it is a big jar with 1oz. of product in it, so I could easily justify the price of $52.  It will last me for a lo-o-ong time, and most important, my daily satisfaction of using this product with its great visual effect - priceless.  What can I say, CHANEL knows how to make your skin look beautiful and I absolutely love this finishing powder.  I use it on the top of my  Dior foundation

CHANEL finishing powder sets the makeup and at the same time my skin does not look "powdery."  Instead, it looks luminous and natural, perfectly finished and beautiful.  This product makes a difference, just the way it should be.  It must be some reflective secret ingredient that gives effect of soft focus and look of a beautiful, youthful skin.

See you on Thursday, December 13, 2012!

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