Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rimmel Eye Liner...Unexpected Surprise

I have complicated relationship with  an eye liners in general.  I have tried many-many brands, including what we call prestigious brands like Chanel, etc.   Some of eye liners would do a better job staying on my eye lids than others, but it is still far from perfect.  I know that different brands offer new formulas for eye liners, like gel liner, and they would hold better that regular crayon, but those eyeliners have other negatives.  For example,  Tarte Agua Gel EyeLiner   that I have.  It is gel like product, stays on my eyelids pretty good, but because IT IS gel, my eye lashes stick together and when I apply mascara - it does not look good at all.  It looks like I have lost half of my eye lashes.  The same problem with  MAC Liquidlast liner   Maybe it is me doing something wrong, but it is not working.  Ideally, I would like to have a makeup crayon, regular old fashion one, and I want it to do it's job and stay on my eye lids as long as I need, until I remove it with my makeup remover.  I wish...  

About a month ago, while on a short business trip, I realize that I forgot my eye liner at home.  I had to buy one quick, and Ulta store was the only place on my way where I could buy cosmetics.  Now you know how I feel about eye liners and understand why I was not going to spend time or a lot of money experimenting with new eye liners.  Why bother if I was not expecting that to last anyway, and I have tons of more or less acceptable crayons at home?  I needed something for probably one time use. 

After quick scan of store shelves, my eyes stopped at Rimmel products.  Inexpensive, "will do for a couple of hours," I thought.  I grabbed Special Eyes Precision eye liner pencil, paid something like $3.00 and took off.  Put it on right away and went on to my business meeting.  To my HUGE surprise, by the end of the day, my eye liner still was where I put it.  I was amazed to the point that I could not understand how THAT could have happened?  I used it next day again, and day after the next day, and now this is the only eye liner I use, because it performs either the same or in some cases even better than the one I bought from prestigious brands. 

What can I tell you, my wishful thinking finally came true.  It is actually ironic, but the color name is "Black Magic."  Maybe it is all about the name?

I did not stop there and decided to experiment a little bit more with Rimmel products.  I decided to test Rimmel lipsticks.  Their red color from collection created in collaboration with Kate Moss was looking good and I thought, who knows, maybe their $5 lipstick would perform as my Dior  or  Chanel  red lipsticks that I absolutely love! Well, magic DID NOT happen there.  With the lipstick situation I got what I paid for.  Anyway, as you can imagine, I am still happy with my discovery of Rimmel eye liner.  As saying goes - this can happen to you too!  Have you had any luck with Rimmel products?      

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