Thursday, November 1, 2012

White Nail Polish... Essie in J400 #337 Waltz

Cold season is upon us and my favorite color for the large leather handbag or tote during fall/winter is WHITE.  I always thought that white handbags are very chic, especially in the cold weather season.  Still do not know why not a lot of women wear this beautiful color beyond any warm weather season. I have to say though, winter white leather handbag is not the same one you would wear in the summer, there is a difference.

I started talking about white handbags because this is how I got an idea to start using white nail polish.  My collection of nail polishes consists of some beautiful but very traditional colors, such as reds, pinks and nudes.  You will not catch me wearing any nail color that is "unnatural" to real nails, like green, blue, black, yellow, etc.  So when I had a vision of having white nail polish, it was a little bit off my "nail art" habit, but somehow I could not resist my sudden idea of wearing white bag AND white nail polish, so I went shopping for a white nail polish.

As it is always happens, when I know exactly what I want, it is not easy to find.  Not only because there is not a lot of white nail polish choices out there to begin with, but the ones that I saw were either too metallic, too shimmer, too iridescent or too flat. When I say "white flat color" I mean the color that looks like it was meant for white tips only and when I thought I found the right nail polish formula,  the shade of that polish had yellowish undertone that was not flattering to my fair skin tone at all.  I was looking high and low, including Chanel and Dior products.

At the end I decided to go with Essie Nail Polish in J400 - #337 Waltz.  It is still not 100% what I was looking for, but it was better than other choices.  I had to do three coats of Essie #337 to get closer to the effect I want and it was still a little bit too sheer.  On the positive side - this nail polish is very easy to work with and very forgiving during application.  For the base coat I used Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat and for the top coat Hardwear Quick Topcoat, both by Butter London.  Absolutely love these two products.  Supposedly good for your nails too!

 My verdict: this nail polish is nice, and at the same time it is too "safe"and there is no WOW effect I was looking for.  Therefore, I am still looking for another white nail polish that is more opaque, and a little bit more edgy.  It is got to be out there!  Any suggestions?

See you next Thursday, November 8, 2012!

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