Thursday, October 25, 2012

Silk Scarves ... or DIY After Shopping in My Own Closet

 If you like square silk scarves the way I do, you probably have more than one in your closet.  A couple of months ago, in August, I posted one video tutorial on How to Style Scarves Parisian Way  All scarves in the video were pretty large, I think they were about 41" squares and over.  This is exactly why those girls could drape them so well with generous knots in a luxurious non nonchalant way.

I wanted to do the same, went to my closet and pulled some of my scarves.  Then I realized that among a dozen of my beautiful silk squares I had only one scarf that I could work with the way I wanted, because this was the only large 43" square I have.

So, what do I do now? I have a lot of silk scarves, here are  some of them  but they are smaller than I need for the fall season.  I just had to find the way to style them the new way, at least some of them.

I decided to experiment.  Simple logic was telling me that if I have a lot of 34" squares, I can connect two scarves together and make a large scarf.  I just had to find the way to connect them so it looks nice.  I decided to give it a try.

First, I chose two scarves that I thought would look good together.  Then I went to  youtube  and learned how to do invisible seam on silk scarves.  Finally I put two scarves together by connecting them on one side with invisible stitch.  The result was even more than I expected. I LOVED IT.

My two square scarves became pretty much a silk shawl that I can drape anyway I want!  The interesting thing is that as long as color scheme of both scarves complement each other, it works, no matter how different those patterns are on each individual scarf.  Also, I liked that I did not ruin any of my scarves since I did not have to cut them.  If I decide to go back to the original two 34" silk scarves, I can easily remove my hand stitched connecting seam and voila!

After the success with my first two scarves, I found two more that I wanted to put together and I did.  I am happy to share my experimental DIY results with you.

Scarf #1

 Scarf #2

 Two scarves together

 Here is the closer look of my invisible seam, I used burgundy colored silk thread. Can you tell?


I liked the result so much that could not stop and kept going...
Scarf #3

Scarf #4

One more!

The are many ways to style the scarf when it is in generous size. For this last pictures, I used the variation of one of my favorite style, and tied it  this way

If you will decided to give it a try, the only tip I can offer is to use good quality silk tread. This is what makes the seam disappear, regardless of the thread color.  I used Kimono Silk Thread #100  Japanese silk from   Superior Threads   and could not be more pleased with the result.

See you next Thursday, November 1, 2012!

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