Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Blue Lagoon... Iceland

I have to say that Iceland's landscape is so different from anything I have experienced before, that at first, I had hard time to understand if I like it or not. While traveling from the airport to the Blue Lagoon, my first thought was that it looks like moonscape. Then it changed to strange and surreal looking fields full of large stones covered with moss, and as far as I could see the view of volcanoes as a backdrop. Later I learned it was lava rocks. Do you remember volcano eruption of 2010 when it halted air traffic across the Europe for about a week? Yes, it was here in Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon is geothermal spa located in a lava field. Sulfur smell is pretty strong, but after awhile you get used to it. What I know now about traveling is this: sometimes it takes time to understand how you feel about things you see. We spent only 2 days in Iceland, and only when came back to the US, I could finally form my opinion about the Iceland: absolutely amazing.

The Blue Lagoon...and these pictures are not color enhanced.

Even though it was a little rainy and chilly (August, 56 degree Fahrenheit), the subterranean sea water that is pumped out over the lava fields, was very warm and in some parts of the pool even hot.

Volcanoes and more volcanoes....

It is hard to believe this landscape and lava rock covered with moss

I have to say, the Blue Lagoon was beautiful, unique, experience of a lifetime.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Language Challenge.... Reykjavik, Iceland

Try to say those streets names when looking for your hotel in Reykjavik. Someone?

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The Perfect Name for the Plane...Rejkjavik, Iceland

Yes, you got it right. This is the plane with the name Laki. I don't know what that means in Icelandic language, but if you forget the spelling discrepancy, I think this is very good name for the plane. What do you think?
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