Thursday, April 12, 2012

Silk Bead Necklace - DIY

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how I made a new   Silk Braided Rope Bracelet  After that project I had left some silk fabric and thought of using it for another DIY project.  Necklaces with large beads is so in fashion this spring, so this is what I did.  First I made my pink/coral necklace.   I made it pretty short, because I wanted it to be close to my face since its nice color really complements my skin tone.  This one is about 20" long.

I also had some silk fabric in dark contrast floral pattern left from another project and since the first pink necklace was so easy to do, I decided to make another necklace but much longer in length for different look.  This one is about 36" long.  For this longer necklace I used large and some smaller beads for uneven look.

This long necklace I like to wear with simple tanks or t-shirt in dark charcoal color.  The inspiration for the color combination of bright floral and dark charcoal color came from Roberto Cavalli ad campaign

Here is how I made my necklaces.  I bought large wooden beads, mine were about 1". Then I cut a strip of fabric 5.5" wide and sew it in length to get a tube, but kept it open on both ends and turned sewn strip to the right side.  After the tube was ready, I took one large bead, dropped it inside the tube, positioned the bead in the middle in length and tied a knot on each side of the bead.  All I had to do after that is keep going adding more beads and separate each of them by the knot until I got the length of the necklace I needed.  For the ends and a closure I used the same attachments as I used in my    Silk Braided Rope Bracelet   Let me know if you had a chance to make the same necklace!

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  1. I couldn't find any nice wooden beads in this neck of the woods, so I made really densely packed (squeezed) "beads" (balls) out of aluminum foil and used those (even more DIYish!).

  2. Au, you are really creative! I liked that you did not give up.