Saturday, March 31, 2012

Silk Braided Rope Bracelet... DIY

Yesterday I shared with you how I like my silk scarves and enjoy wearing those because of their colors, prints variety and no less important how silk feels on my skin.  I thought it would be wonderful to have a bracelet made from silk.  This way I would have luxurious feeling of the silk on my arm all the time I wear the bracelet. 

I chose my silk fabric in pink/peach color with marble effect pattern.  As far as bracelet design, it was not hard to decide what I want to make since I like the look of braids.  I also should add that I wanted this bracelet to be big and chunky.  I like how larger size bracelets emphasize slim wrist and this looks beautiful! 

All I needed to make this bracelet shown on the top picture.  It was:
  • silk fabric
  • toggle closure
  • some small chain for embellishment and closure function
  • filler in the shape of a rope 
...and if you can make a braid and use sewing machine at a simple level - Voila! Let me know if you were inspired to make one too. Pin It


  1. i'd rather see this as a chunky necklace:) great idea!

    1. I can see that as a chunky necklace as well. Great idea!