Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dior lipstick... Blazing Red # 638

Here is my new addition of red lipsticks - Dior Blazing Red #638.  After my successful purchase of  Chanel Byzantin red lipstick which has cool undertone, I needed another red with warm undertone which I can wear with all my corals this spring and summer.  I decided to go with Rouge Dior formula because it has full coverage, moisturizing, stays long on my lips and does not feather.  As far as color goes, even I did my research on-line before I showed up at the cosmetic counter of the department store, I still spent CONSIDERABLE amount of time trying to choose the right red, but I think I got what I was looking for.  This color is what I call "full commitment" red lips, unapologetic red lips and I LOVE it this way.  For example, you cannot use red Dior Rouge like I can use my red Chanel Byzantine formula when I can just dab a little bit of red on my lips and get it any intensity I need at that moment, going as light as barely pink.  Dior Blazing Red can only be used .. well,  in full "blaze!"  I like how this lip color looks with face in nude make up, because lips make it fabulously fashionable.  I also like that this color looks light red on my lips, very good for spring and summer.  Do you wear this kind of red?

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  1. Have you tried Mac's Russian Red and Ruby Woo. They are completely Matt effect. (but you have to have to make sure your lips arent chapped in the least before you put it on)

    Givenchy have two lip pencils in red which can be used to colour your lips all over. They wont come off so easily.

    Another personal favourite is Ellis Faas signature red shade :)

    I've never tried Chanel's Byzantine red. Must have a go :)

  2. You brought up very good point of using lip pencil for added stain power. I am convinced now that if you want your red lips to keep the color for a long time, lip pencil in matching color as a base, all over your lips, is a MUST. The only tricky part is to find good matching lip pencil so the beautiful red lipstick color would stay true. I found good match for my Chanel Byzantine lipstick - lip pencil from Bots No7 in Fire (#15), and it works beautifully, lip color stays in lace on my lips and as long as I need. This color has some cherry red in it. With Dior Blazing red lipstick, with its true red, I am still looking for good lip pencil to match. So your suggestions are very helpful. Thank you!