Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Skin care... Did you know this?

I have read in one of the reputable skin care publication, that when women take care of toning and firming their skin on the face and neck, they often forget about BACK of the neck.  Did you say WHAT???  That was my reaction to this statement.  Even though I religiously cleanse, moisturize and tone my skin, including my neck (front), I have never ever heard of such thing as using the firming lotion on the back of my neck.  According to the dermatologist who wrote this article, skin is skin, whether on the front or the back of your neck, and when skin on the back of the neck starts sagging, front of the neck will show sign of aging much earlier than if you were kept toning the back of your neck as well as the front.  After this explanation, I think it does make sense to me.  Does it make sense to you?  Have you heard about it?  Maybe I should start doing it...

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