Monday, April 16, 2012

Travel Finds... Bologna, Italy

Very often Monday as a day of the weeks, has certain negative mood connotation associated with it.  In other words - Monday is rarely fun day.   When I need something to cheer me up, I often go to my travel images, and this instantly changes my attitude and acceptance of the Monday reality.  This is why I decided to start serious of posts dedicated to my travel finds.  The images I will be posting under this title are some of my best travel moment that I was able to capture on camera.  I hope you will enjoy them as well.  These images not necessarily something that you have never seeing before, this was not the purpose, although you might find something new.  Point is to break the routine of Monday and dream of places you love, enjoy, hope to return or dream to visit.  In short - keep things in perspective.  This is how I like it.

This first post from my travel series I decided to dedicate to one of my favorite city in Italy  - Bologna.  The iconic view of the city - two towers, the tallest one called Asinelli.  One tower now is shorter that the other (see picture below) because fairly recently it was cut for the safety reason since it was leaning too much, like Tower of Pisa, and could fell.  These towers were built  between 1109 - 1119, imagine that, and I climbed the tallest tower, some 500+ steps up, and THEN walked down, which was no less challenging, considering narrow, old and uneven wooden stairs.  It was fun. Take a look.

Surrounding area of the Tower. Famous Bologna porticoes and typical scene with a million of bikes. 

View as I was making my way up to the top of the tower.  Another name for Bologna - city of red roofs and you see why.  Love Bologna and can't wait to return!

The view of the Bologna roofs from the half way up the stairs. Notice how small cars and people appear on the bottom of the picture.

Finally, view from the top of the Asinelli tower.

View of Two Towers, tallest - Asinelli tower. *These last two images via Wikipedia.  Apparently I did not take all pictures I needed with my own camera.

Inside of the Asinelli tower - the stair.  

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