Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chanel... Blush in Rouge

Have you ever ordered color cosmetics on-line?  I am not talking about re-orders of products you used before and not talking about something that was recommended to you and you decided to try it.  I am talking about completely different situation.

When I saw this limited edition Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush in Rouge on, I was mesmerized by it's color alone, even without knowing how it will look on my skin or if my computer monitor shows exact color of the product.  I was looking at that intense color, saturated with red, dark pink and burgundy with just the right amount of sparkle in it and thought: "I have to have it, before it is too late, since IT IS limited addition, when it is gone - it is gone.  Even if this will not work for my skin tone and I will not be using this blush at all, I will be looking at it and be happy."  If this sounds weird to you, I totally understand, but that was my true feeling at that moment.  I need to clarify here that this compact was not available in stores to try it on, I checked, on-line only offer.

I received it by mail and the color was THAT color I fell in love with.  To say I was excited would be understatement.  As an added bonus this blush had very light and wonderful fragrance to it.  Until now, every time I open this compact, there is a whisper of beautiful smell that immediately brings smile to my face. 

Then was the test time and hope that it would look right on my skin.  I read before that very often bright colored blushes, when used correctly, look much more natural on your skin than light colored hues.  It was true with this one.  The color shade was so natural on my skin tone that it looked like I pinched my cheeks a little bit.  I don't know if it was just happy accident that this color was perfect for me, or this blush formula adapts to your skin tone, who knows!  The only thing I know is that it worked.  Later, when I bought my   Chanel Byzantin red lipstick this blush was the perfect color to use it with as well.  People who wear red lips probably aware of the fact that finding the blush shade that does not clashes with different shades of red lipsticks can be very tricky.  You know how it may look, especially in bright sunshine - coral undertone lips with cool undertone blush?  Yeh, I know, been there, done that!  When I realized how tricky color matching can be, my next question was - am I supposed to buy different blush for different red lipsticks?  This is why I was so exited to find out that with this one no need to worry.  Since my cheeks look just naturally "blushed" I can use any red lipstick no matter what undertone it has.  What can I say -  match made in Heaven. 

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