Thursday, November 22, 2012

Finally... Nails Inc. London in Mayfair #501


If you remember, I was desperately looking for the right white nail polish that is not too metallic, or too shimmer, or too iridescent or too flat.  At the time I could not find exactly what I was looking for and settled on Essie J400 #337 Waltz  However, I was keeping my eyes open for the right white nail polish and I think I found it on my last trip to  Sephora

Love Sephora!  They carry large selection of nail colors from Nails Inc. London, the company that is based in London, which is really good at catching up with new trends in color.  When I saw color #501 Mayfair, which was marked as New Trend Shade, I knew I have something I might like.  In addition to the beautiful satin finish, which I could not find anywhere so far, this color has slight gray undertone, which helps to get white nails effect without looking like I used whiteout instead of the nail color.  I love that this bold color has 1960's vibe to it, which became very popular this season.  Just look at the latest picture of Kate Moss in  Vanity Fair  and you will understand what I am talking about.

The same direction I noticed from Dior's promotional image for their latest Grand Bal Holiday collection

The only problem with Dior nail polish from that collection is that it has the right look on the picture, but the actual polish when applied, looks very different on the nails, way too pearly.  So far, the only polish that gave me that look was the new shade in Mayfair #501 by Nails Inc. London.

I have to say though, this nail polish was not easiest to work with. It requires two coats to look finished, and I used really good base  and top  coats from Butter London, which helps polish to last longer and have nice gloss to it.  Regardless, I liked the result so much (and could not find any other polishes close to what I had in my mind) that I am OK with little extra work for the look.

Also, I never mentioned this before, but I think I should.  If you exfoliate your face skin, do you do the same with your hand?  I am asking this because I found out not many people do, and this is important step in making your hands looking good.  I use  Radiance Revealed Exfoliator from Boots No7  but any other exfoliator will work, whatever you have at home. Try it, if you didn't yet, and you will understand what I am talking about. The same goes for cuticle oil I believe that when nail polish is bold, and this nail polish is, it is worth to take an effort and make the best presentation of it.

Happy Thanksgiving and see you next Thursday, November 29, 2019!  Pin It

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