Friday, May 4, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow and Her Beauty Secret...Boots No7

As it was reported by  Vogue Italia  Gwyneth Paltrow reveals one of her beauty secret: Boots No7.  Boots was founded in 1849, known for the seriousness of its pharmaceutical research, clinical tests and has all exclusive and effective formulas.

I have to say that I used a lot of Boots products, including their No7 line, but I have not tried their famous  Protect and Perfect Beaty Serum  yet.  I just bought it recently and now included this serum in my daily skin regimen.  I will tell you about the result later.  The company promises that in 28 days my skin will be looking visibly younger.

What I learned about this products is that Serum No7 is the result of more than 30 years of research on the signs of skin aging.  If you don't mind, I have to get a little bit technical here as to why this serum should work really well.  At least this info was interesting to me, so it might be interesting to you too.

The company says that promised result is possible thanks to anti-aging complex mixed with technologically advanced molecules and white lupin.  This combination helps the skin's cells to act like younger ones, renovating the skin and stimulating the formation of new collagen.  For a better result the Boots laboratories suggest to combine the use of the serum with the cream, which moisturizes the skin and protects against UV rays.

It is also great that Boots product is readily available at Target stores in the US and very reasonably priced.

Now I would like to tell you about Boots products that I do use regularly.  Here are some of them that I can recommend since these worked for me really well:

  • High Lights Illuminating Lotion   This is the one I really like to use on my cheek bones to add light shimmer.  This shimmer looks very natural on my skin and I love it. You can't go wrong with highlighting shimmer on your face this summer season, see makeup Spring/Summer 2012 trends   but it must be the right shimmer. 
  • Protect and Perfect Lip Cream  Since  Dior Red  and  Chanel Red  lipsticks are one of my favorite, you may know how important it is to take good care of your lips when using red lipsticks.  Otherwise your lips will not be looking as you expected.  This lip cream not only very good prep base for the lipstick, but it helped me to repair serious dryness on my lips.  I have to admit that before I was using a LOT of lipsticks without taking care of my lips and it was not good.  Those days are gone and I learned my lessons.
  • Radiance Revealed Exfoliator   Very gentle scrub for your face, does a good job and not too aggressive for my sensitive skin.  Nice smell too.     

I hope this review was helpful to you.  Keep in touch, I will report my findings on Serum No7 in about a month! 

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