Thursday, October 11, 2012

My New Makeup Favorite... DiorSkin Nude

 When I needed to find a new makeup, the list of requirements for my new foundation was pretty aggressive:
  • I wanted to find a makeup that is not necessarily full coverage foundation, but the one that makes my skin looks natural and beautiful, with perfect glowing complexion without looking too made up.
  • I wanted my skin to look beautiful in all types of lighting, because this is the worst having the makeup that looks good only in natural or only under artificial light. I have no use for this kind of makeup.
  • I wanted to have broad spectrum SPF 15 at least.
  • I wanted to find a color that is a perfect match for my skin tone.
  • ...and it would be nice if the formula would be beneficial to the skin as well and improve my skin over time.
After doing some research, testing many-many foundations at the cosmetic counters, I think I found my match - DiorSkin Nude.  I have light skin tone with beige undertone and DiorSkin Nude #020 is perfect match for me.  I am happy to say that not only I was able to check out all "requirements" that I had in mind, but also it feels wonderful on the skin.  To be exact, I do not feel  that I wear any makeup, and I love it!  I love it so much that I even don't care if I still need to use some concealer when masking an occasional blemish.  My verdict  - the best skin makeup I have ever tried so far.  

  What is your favorite foundation and skin perfector?

See you next Thursday, October 18, 2012!

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  1. This makeup sounds awesome. I just use bronzer, it's my beauty godsend. xx

  2. I also like that this Dior makeup is SPF15, and since I like fair skin tone, instead of bronzer, my beauty item is a blush, would not go without it.