Thursday, October 4, 2012

Necklines and Necklaces ... How to Get It Right

Have you ever been stumped by trying to find the right necklace for the one-shoulder dress or top?  I know I was.  So, when I saw the article in  More Magazine,  a guide with pictures on how to match the neckline with the right necklace for the best visual effect, I thought this might help to some of you too!  Here are some suggestions:

Be brave and mix sizes and shapes.  Old fashion pearls are just a start!

Stay above the neckline and draw all the attention to those collarbones.

Use deep v-neck as a frame, the necklace should fill the entire space inside the frame.

The modern way to wear the necklace - inside the collar and hanging to the waistline. You can buy two necklaces of the same design but in different colors, and wear them together.

Use the fabric as a backdrop to show one big and unique piece of jewelry you have!

...and finally, the most puzzling one and hard to pull together...

One Shoulder
The best way to unify the look is to wear something weighty that lies on both the skin AND the fabric.  This is the trick!

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