Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rock Crystal Necklaces ... DIY

According to   Vogue Italia  rock crystal necklaces, preferably large, is the new trend.

Rock crystal is semi-precious stone and does not have as much sparkle as diamonds have, but its transparency is very sophisticated and chick in a different way.  These necklaces would go well with any color, but I imagine the combination with very white or very black color of the outfit would be especially striking.

When I learned about this new trend, I knew it is time to get to work. I bought the biggest rock crystal beads in different shapes I could find, and created three necklaces in different length and designs, based on what shapes of beads I had in my possession.  It did not take long, and I had three necklaces I really liked.  This is what I have:

To do rock crystal necklaces, I had to use these tools and materials:
  • Pliers that used in jewelry making
  • Clear thread, non-stretch
  • Toggle clasps  that I ususaly use for my DIY jewelry projects 
  • Metal endings to finish clear string after I strung needed beads so I can attach my toggle clasp
  • Jump rings to attach a clear string en-caped in endings to a toggle clasp 
  • Some small chain for decoration and 
  • Pin needles that used in jewelry making to hang some beads for visual impact

.... and this is the result of my creative effort:

1. This is my shortest necklace.

2. This one is longer, but design is similar to the first necklace

3. The last one is the longest

I like wearing my new rock crystals necklaces!  I have to admit though, they look much more prettier in person than on my pictures since I was not able to capture their subtle sparkle and color without special light that used to photograph sparkling jewelry.  Depending on the mood I can wear them individually or three together!  Sometimes I feel I want my jewelry to be VERY bold, and when I am in this mood - the more, the better!

Let me know If you like this clear rock crystal necklace trend and think this will take off and all jewelry stores will start selling this kind of jewelry.

See you next Thursday, October 4, 2012! Pin It


  1. Rock crystal looks cool. Compared with ordinary crystals, crystal jewelry is more like a gentle ordinary woman

  2. I like it very much .crystal jewelry clear, like an innocent woman