Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn Season Makeup... How to Wear Brown Eyeshadow ala Kate Moss

One of the trends in makeup for this fall/winter season is nude/brown/pink eyeshadow.  This is what I call the look of tired eyes.  I know, it sounds weird, because why would you use a makeup that makes your eyes looking tired? Actually, I was thinking the same way, but recently I decided to give it a try, did some research on how to do it right and discovered that this look IS wearable and can be interesting, because it is different.  Do you remember September issue of French Vogue with Kate Moss?  This is what I am talking about.  This can work if you know what works for your face, which requires some experimenting.  I did some research on how to make it work, spent some time practicing, and this is what I learned, this is what I have to do if I want to pull off this kind of look:
  • Skin must be perfectly prepared and flawless, because "tired" eyes look interesting and dreamy only when your skin is fresh and beautiful
  • This look worked for me only when I made my brows very defined and strong.  It is all about balance, and strong brows compensated for less pronounced eye makeup
  • I found that brown eyeshadow all over the eyelid worked for me only when I first draw the line with my Dolce & Gabbana Nude Eye Pencil  close to the lash line on the top and the bottom of the eyelid, including waterline, and only then use my brown eyeshadow, closer to the crease of the eyelid.  Also, my gaze looked much more alive and fresh when I added a little bit of pink eyeshadow (blush also can be used) on the socket line of the eye.
  • Use a smaller eyeshadow brush to put some brown eyeshadow  under the lower eyelid, similar to how Pat McGrath was showing in this tutorial 
Well, I never was able to pull off this look before, I tried.  Now, with some tips and tricks from makeup artists, trial and error approach, I found the way to make it work.  I also must add that somehow this type of makeup enhances the color of my blue eyes.  It is certainly very different look, not something that I got used to and not your traditional "pretty made up eyes" look,  but I like it BECAUSE it is different.  This is the look to have when I do not want to look too "made-up," when I want to look like I did not try too hard.  Some makeup artists even suggest going without mascara, but I was not able to pull it off.... yet.  I am sure some people can.  It is definitely the makeup to be worn by very self confident person, who not necessarily wants to look "pretty" but instead, different and mysterious.


Below is the tutorial from makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, who shows here how she created Kate Moss look for the September issue of French Vogue.  Thanks to makeup artist Lisa Eldridge,  who recorded this youtube video by inviting Charlotte Tilbury as a guest artist into her makeup studio. I cannot wait to see you next Thursday, September 27!

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