Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fashion Night Out 2012...Chanel Nail Polish in Delicatesse

As I shared with you before, I don't use many different colors when it comes to nail polish.  One of my favorite dark color for fall is  Chanel Rouge Fatal #487  The minute I saw Chanel's three new nail polish colors for Fashion Night Out 2012 that were posted all over the internet, I knew I wanted the Delicatesse.  Lately I was looking for a shade of new nude nail polish, but wanted something that is not boring, not "too nude," becasue it does not look good with my skin tone.  Chanel's Delicatesse looked interesting.  Even though it was hard to judge the color of nail polish by looking at the web photos, I though that Peter Philips, creative makeup director for Chanel, could not come up with boring nude nail polish and probably created the one I would love.  You can see how much faith I have in Chanel!  I ordered this nail color,  anxiously was waiting for its arrival and kept my fingers crossed that it will look good with my skin tone.

Now as I have it in my hands, can say this: this is exactly what I was hoping for.  Peter Philips - thank you for reading my mind and making Chanel's new neutral nail color that looks good on me. 

This color is not really "nude" but it is definitely can be classified as neutral.  I love the fact that it is much darker than you would think it is by looking at the bottle.  I would call this color "edgy" nude.  It has very balanced mixed of the prettiest dark caramel color and just a hint of dusty pink, which is not too pink but rather close to a mauve shade.  This color looks different from anything I saw before and does not look like same old neutral nail polish.  Perfect for the fall.  I know this nail polish will look good with a lot of colors we will be wearing this fall, but I absolutely love how it looks with charcoal gray color, one of my favorite color to wear.  Did you have a chance to try any of new Fashion Night Out nail colors from Chanel?

See you next Thursday, September 20!

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