Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ribbon and Gold Leather Bracelet ... DIY

When I saw this collage showing the gold tubes bracelet designed by french jewelry maker Marion Vidal, I thought that this was genius to use metal tubes and weave in wide ribbon.  It also looked so good on Blake Lively (collage courtesy of  Mode Walk )

I decided to make my own version of the bracelet by using gold colored pieces of the leather (2.5" x 2") and 1" wide grosgrain ribbon.   For the closure I used the same toggle closure I use on all my DIY bracelets.  Look HERE

SO, here is my process:
1. I made 5 "tubes" our of my 2.5"x2" pieces of gold leather using a thread and a needle.  You also can use a metal tubes, if you can find it.  For me it was easier to use the leather and I did not want this bracelet to be heavy.

2. Then I took two pieces of 1" wide ribbon and 24" long each, and started weaving in and out of each "tube"as I show on my diagram, through all five tubes, leaving some length for the closure.

3. Then I adjusted the length of the bracelet to fit my wrist and attached the closure with thread and a needle.  Voila!

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