Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chanel Nail Polish... Rouge Fatal #487

In preparation for the Fall/Winter season, I was thinking about expanding my limited color scheme of nail polishes.  Somehow I am stuck with just five colors,  like this classic red , this frosty neutral ,  this light pink , dark cherry and nice coral shade.  However, my obsession with burgundy color   in fashion for the fall season went not only to my  knitting DIY but spilled over to cosmetics as well and I wanted to find deep and dark nail polish with color that is dark burgundy without being too bright. 

After spending some quality time at the number of cosmetic counters, I decided that Chanel Rouge Fatal #487 Nail polish fits the bill.  What I like the best about this color is that it is burgundy without being too cherry and too bright.  Chanel artfully mixed in some brown color, and with the right proportion of brown this burgundy looks toned down and not too bright, but at the same time it looks dark enough to be dramatic.  It is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.     

With manicure tips and tricks and some time dedicated to make it nicely, here is the result.   

As far as application of this nail polish, it was easy to apply since this polish has nice texture.  I had no trouble at all making it nice and neat.
What is your latest favorite nail polish?

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