Tuesday, September 4, 2012

White Leather Clutch ... DIY

 As you may noticed, the latest fashion shows dominated with everything feminine.  This feminine trend was underlined even more with three elements: the clutch bag, belt and gloves.

Personally, I think that no matter how masculine your outfit is, but as long as you have a clutch bag, you look much more elegant and feminine.

I already talked about white color and its  increasing popularity during fall/winter season.  Especially WHITE ACCESSORIES   which I absolutely love wearing during fall/winter and think it is very chic.

Back in May of this year, I made a picture of my DIY Large Leather Clutch when I styled my silk bead DIY bracelet  Today I will share more pictures of my white leather clutch with red suede liner and my original pattern.

My White Leather Large Clutch became one of my favorite.  This DIY project was not really complicated to do.  Absolutely similar to my LEATHER POUCH DIY project that I already shared with you.  The only difference is that I increased the size of my pattern.  Also, my interfacing (fabric I used to reinforce the shape of the clutch) was much heavier than I used for my leather pouches.  For my large leather clutch I used real suede as my liner, instead of fabric.  I really wanted to have luxurious clutch from inside out, and I could not be happier with the final result. 

 1. Large Leather Clutch  12" 8"x 2.5"

2. Instruments you need: leather, textile liner or suede like I used in this clutch, heavy-weight interfacing, hammer, rivets, kit for making holes in the leather, kit to set rivets, leather glue

3. Pattern for the Large Clutch.  You need to cut 2 pieces from leather, for front and back of the clutch, see measurements on the picture.  Little wholes on the perimeter shows position of the rivets and I have 1" space between my rivets holes.  Note positions of 3 magnets. 

4.  Pattern for the liner (2 pcs).  Cut 2 pcs from the material chose for your liner.  The same pattern I used to cut out 2 pcs from interfacing fabric to glue between the leather and your liner to insure your leather pouch will hold its shape well.

5. Leather strip for the inside of the clutch to cover magnets at the top (2pcs).  I cut this from red leather to blend with my red suede liner.

6. Top, side and bottom views of the clutch so you can see the way I attached all pieces together.


Let me know if you were inspired to make your version of leather clutch and if this was helpful.
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  1. SUCH an inspiration! Love the mini studs... Adds just the right amount of sophistication. Great job love! xo