Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY... Leather Pouch

Leather pouches are useful accessories.  If you one of those who like to challenge yourself in the next DIY project, this one maybe for you.  I created this design that has minimal number of pattern pieces for easy execution and I made my leather pouches from lamb leather, which is not very thick and can be sewn even with a regular sewing machine.  However, for the different look I used metal rivets to attach pieces of front and back wall together.  I also used glue and interfacing material between the liner and the leather to reinforce the shape of the pouch.

I made my leather pouches in four different sizes, from small to large. Here I will provide my pattern for the medium size pouch, but it is easy to adjust to smaller or larger size.  Easiest way to adjust pattern for different size is to do it in increment of 1" on the perimeter.  For the closure I used one round magnet that I inserted at the top of the pouch, between the main pattern piece of the leather and the leather strip on the inside that I used to make nice finish on the top of my textile liner (pic. 6 and pic. 7 of the final look.)  My pattern for the trim for the textile liner (pic. 5) shows the position of the magnet.

1. Medium Size Leather Pouch 9"x4"x2"

2. Instruments you need: leather. textile liner, medium-weight interfacing, hammer, rivets, kit for making holes in the leather, kit to set rivets, leather glue

3. Pattern for Medium Size pouch.  You need to cut 2 pieces from leather:  Front and Back.  Little wholes show position of the rivets. 

4.  Pattern of the liner (2 pcs).  The same pattern I used to cut out 2 pcs from interfacing fabric to glue between the leather and your liner to insure your leather pouch will hold its shape well. 

5. Leather strip for the inside at the top (2pcs). Note position for the magnet.

6. Top, side and bottom views so you can see the way I attached all pieces together.




Let me know if you were inspired to make leather accessories and if this was helpful.

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