Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boots No7 Serum... The Test Result is In!

On May 4 I wrote about  Gwyneth Paltrow and Her Beauty Secret  At that time I bought Boots No7 Beauty Serum and promised that I will report my results back to you after 28 days of use.  Company suggests that you need to use it for 28 days to see improvements to your skin.

I must say though that I was blessed with good skin, thanks to genes that run in my family.  However, the fact is, as we age, no skin stays unchanged, it will show signs of maturing, regardless.  So, I was looking forward to this experiment as I realized that it is time for me to find skin serum that delivers promised result, preferably at reasonable price.  I understand that my review of the product has nothing to do with clinical results, but purely visual observation of my skin before and after.  So, it helps to bring here conclusions by scientists: this serum is the result of more than 30 years of research on the signs of skin aging and according to the research, this product helps the skin's cells to act like younger ones, renovating the skin and stimulating the formation of new collagen. 

On my part, I am happy to report that my experiment with Boots No7 was a success and happy beginning for my new skin regiment.  This is how much  I liked my skin after use of this Beauty Serum.  The company promised that in 28 days my skin will be looking visibly younger, and it did.

It is also great that this Boots No7 Beauty Serum is available at Target stores in the US and very reasonably priced. Pin It

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