Monday, August 6, 2012

White Accessories Are Not Only For Summer Anymore... Fall/Winter 2012/13

Yesterday I talked about  flower print trend  that becomes popular not only for the summer season, but for Fall/Winter 2012 as well.
Today I can add another trend that is not usually reserved for colder seasons: white bags and white boots.  White accessories will be big for the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons.

I always loved wearing white boots in the fall and winter, and always thought that wearing white leather bag is very chic, ESPECIALLY in the fall and winter, when majority of people do not wear white bags.  It is even hard to find white leather bags in stores as soon as fall merchandise hit their shelves.  I guess this happens because there is not enough demand for these accessories and merchants playing safe to satisfy their sales volume requirements.  Anyway, this is another story.  However, I think this is going to change.   

I have to clarify though that I am not trying to convince anybody to wear autumn wardrobe with white white leather bags that is made for summer.  This is big difference between summer white leather bag and white leather bag that is made for Fall/Winter season.  The one I am talking about needs to be made with heavier leather weight and design that is suitable for the colder season.   When it is all done right - white accessories during Fall/Winter bring the feel of fresh, unexpected, interesting, daring, and NOT BORING.  This is how I like it.  Here I have a couple of examples:



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