Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick... Mi-Mai #200

Luckily, on my lips this lipstick looks nothing like it is in the tube, because I was not looking for pink lipstick.

When it comes to getting a new lipstick, it is tough.  You know how the same lipstick looks so different on different people, because we all have different skin tone and concentration of color pigment in our lips.  My lips naturally has a lot of pink color, so all lipsticks look much more pink on me than it would look on somebody else.  

I like red lipsticks, wear them a lot, but sometimes I like the look of "strong" eyes with nude lips.  So, I needed to find my perfect lipstick that would be equivalent of nude color.  I am saying "equivalent of nude" because I like how nude lips may look on someone else but somehow it never looked good on me.  Good thing that I knew what I want. Bad news is that it is not easy to find.  Also, I needed to find new lipstick which I LOVE, not LIKE, because I cannot stand lipsticks sitting in my cosmetic draw abandoned and doing nothing.  I started my search with this in mind:
  • no red
  • no pink
  • not too brown or nude, but looking "natural."  When I say "natural" I mean beautiful-picture perfect- fashion magazine- natural, with luscious nonchalant lips look.  

As fa as brand of the lipstick, I wanted to stick with brands that I had good experience before, such as Dior (my favorite  Blasing Red #638 ), Chanel (my favorite  Byzantin) or Guerlain.  I did not have Guerlain lipstick before, but I can say a lot of good things about  Guerlain KissKiss Lip Lift Primer, which I think is the best base for any red lipstick. 

In my search process, I tried many-many different colors, different formulas, and still did not hit that I LOVE IT lipstick.  The closest to what I envisioned was Guerlain Rouge Automatic in #160.  It was very pretty on me, but has a little more pink (as usual) on my lips than I was looking  for.

Then, a sales person suggested that I try Guerlain Hydrating Shine Automatique in Mi-Mai #200.  As soon as I put it on, I realized that  this was THE ONE.

Surprisingly, this lipstick does not have a lot of color, but it did something that other ones I tried did not do - it made my lips look the way I wanted it.  Even with very little color, I still can say that on my lips it had that right balance between nude, coral and pink AND very distinct and luscious shine to it.  By the way, completely different shine than from Dior Addict, which I tried as well, but Dior Shine did not give me the same result as Guerlain Lip Shine did.

In this Guerlain Shine Automatique Hydrating Lip Shine I found that beautiful-picture perfect- fashion magazine natural - luscious - nonchalant lips look I was looking for AND this lipstick looks gorgeous with my new Chanel Rouge Fatal nail polish  Additional bonus, I love beautiful Guerlain Automatique gold packaging.  It reminds me of vintage lipsticks, very beautiful and different.

I know I found my new favorite.  Have you tried Guerlain Shine Automatique?

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