Sunday, August 5, 2012

Flowers Are Not Only for Summer Anymore ... Fashion Fall 2012/13

We live in times when many hard lines disappear.  Let's take fashion, for example.  We used to have hard rules on when we can wear white colors, not anymore.  The same with floral design.  Floral trend is not new.  Yes, it is true that it became popular again after being neglected for many years, but it is not new.  We had floral craze before.  What new is that now floral dresses proposed for Fall/Winter Season.  Important to notice that this flower trend is all about LARGE flowers.  I always loved contrasts, juxtapositions, and this is exactly why I like this new trend.  I think this would be great wearing something that is not expected for the season.  Never boring.

Are you planning on wearing floral this fall/winter season?

Comme Des Garcons

Gucci, Prefall 2012

Via Vogue Italia Pin It

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