Thursday, August 2, 2012

Burgundy from J.Crew... Getting Ready for Fall

With the end of summer almost here, it is time to start thinking about dressing for fall.  At the beginning of the new season, I always look not just for something new, but new that has not been used a lot in previous seasons.  I think this season the "new thing" for me will be burgundy color.  As I mentioned before  burgundy color is back and I am planning on embracing this forgotten color during this fall/winter 2012-2013 season.  I love how burgundy looks when used to create monotone color outfit.  For example, burgundy from head to toe and some nude color accessories.  This is striking and daring look, which I love.  

The important thing to consider though: if you want to look chic in burgundy monotone color when your outfit consists of more that one piece, like top and bottom, for example skirt and cardigan, (in fact, this applies to any monotone color), those two pieces must have exact matching color hue, and this is only possible if you buy both pieces from one brand.  Mine happened to be J.Crew: tippi cardigan and pencil #2 skirt in golden burgundy - exact match. 

By the way, this cardigan is the best.  Usually I am very careful with tops that made from wool.  This cardigan is made from merino wool and J.Crew's merino wool is so soft, that even I, with my sensitive skin, can wear my new tippi cardigan with no t-shirt underneath.  No itching from wool fiber whatsoever.

As far as jewelry, the rich color of the outfit goes well with  large statement necklaces TREND

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