Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sonya Kashuk Cosmetic Brushes

 Good quality cosmetic brushes are expensive.  However, if you spend money buying quality makeup, you want to have fun doing your makeup and get good results.  I know from my personal experience that even having the best Chanel Blush, when applied with poor quality blush brush, you will not get the look you hoped for.  So, have to have quality brushes.

As my general rule, when I shop for anything at all, first I check stores if I can find the quality product for the best price.  If I can't find my cost effective option, then I go and spend my $$$ on luxury brand names and have fun with it.

The same shopping practice I used when shopping for my cosmetic brushes.  I knew that MAC brushes will do great job, but when I needed at least 7 new brushes at the average cost of a brush about $25-$30, it added up to the amount I'd rather not to pay.  This is when I discovered Sonya Kashuk cosmetic brushes.

My first Sonya Kashuk brush was the  Blush Brush  from  Target.  I bought it a couple of years ago and was very impressed with its performance.  I could not hope for the better price either.  Then I added Large Powder brush.  The same satisfaction, no regrets whatsoever.  Then I added a couple of brushes for eyes: Eye Shadow Fluffy brush and Large Crease brush.  I cannot say enough good words about these brushes.  All Sonya Kashuk brushes I have had are exceptionally soft, directional (like Large Crease brush), take the right amount of the product and distribute it on the skin the way I need, beautifully blending the powder or eyeshadow with no uneven lines.  I know that Target store has great variety of Sonya Kashuk brushes,  and if I was to try these for the firs time, one of the great options is this Starter Set  You can't bit the price of $24.99 for 3 great brushes.

Within Sonya Kashuk line they have many different lines of brushes.  Their top line comes with black handles, but even the black handles brushes are more than twice less expensive than MAC's.   I have tried black and white handles and although there are  some little difference in the density of the brushes, I am very happy with both.  Also, these brushes are easy to wash and last for a long time.  This is all I can ask for.  Have you tried these?

Although I wrote this post because I personally purchased and love using Sonya Kashuk cosmetic brushes, this post contains an affiliate links for the  products from Sonya Kashuk line, which gives us commission when you click and purchase a product from that link.  It's just like a retail associate who works on a commission basis. When you shop through an affiliate link on Category- Beautiful, you help support the site.  

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