Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY... Roll Up Case for Cosmetic Brushes

Yesterday I shared with you how I love my cosmetic brushes from  Sonya Kashuk  Today I will share my easy DIY project, the Roll Up case for my cosmetic brushes.

If you have cosmetic brushes, you have to store them somehow, especially when traveling.  I had purchased the case with little slots for each brush.  It was not working really well, because as I was adding new brushes, some of them did not fit allotted space in that case and I had to carry those brushes separately anyway.  After observing the makeup artists, I noticed that while they are working, they keep their brushes pretty much on a rectangle cloth, like a small towel, and then when they are done,  they simply roll up the cloth with brushes, tie it up and ready to go.  I liked that system much better, so here is my DIY version of the roll up case for my cosmetic brushes.   

First, I needed a cloth with some weight to it.  To avoid extra work buying the fabric, then stitching it and finishing the edges, I took an existing small cloth bag.  It happened to be a bag from a leather wallet I bought at  Moda Operandi   Then I pulled out bag's ties, and attached (stitched) one tie at the center of the bottom of the bag, leaving one end of the ribbon longer that another.  That is all.

I absolutely love this case because it is washable, keeps my brushes free of dust and easily accommodate all of my brushes, regardless of the handles size and number of brushes I need to fit in.

Now I can simply spread out all my brushes as I use them, which allows me to find the brush I need quick and easy, and then when I am done, simple roll up and tie get all things together in my neat package.  I even like to tie a pretty bow, because it looks beautiful on my bath counter. 

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