Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Best Lips Moisturizer for Matte Red Lipsticks Lovers... Nuxe Lip Balm

I know that there are a lot of good lip balms on the market.  Some lip balms will do a good job moisturizing but can be too sticky, so will not be very helpful if I need to use my lipstick on the top of it.  I try avoiding this kind of lip balms, or use them only when I am going to bed.  I already wrote about great   Boot No7 Lip Care Cream  that provides 24 hrs hydration AND also great under the lipstick so I can protect my lips from drying effect of the cosmetics.

Another great lip balm I am very happy with is Nuxe Lip Balm.  This one is absolutely not oily or sticky, which allows my red color lipsticks to adhere to my lips instead od sliding right off.  Personally, I avoid red lipsticks that have "wet and shiny" effect simply because it does not look good on me, too vulgar.  I like my red lipsticks to be more matte like this  Chanel Byzantine Red  so it looks like lip stain.  However, this kind of lipstick formula can be a bit drying even with prestigious cosmetics.  This is why Nuxe Lip Balm is so perfect - it gives my lips moisture and protection but does not look shiny.  Instead it gives my lips "alive" look even with matte lipstick formula.  Although, as I always say, RED LIPS ARE HIGH MAINTENANCE.   If I want it to look right and have my red lipstick stay fresh and in place for a long time, I have to use  Guerlain KissKiss LipLift Primer on the top of my Nuxe Lip balm, but I like the result so much that I would not do it any other way.  Try it if you can, you might like it as much as I do. Pin It


  1. This is my absolute favorite lip moisturizer - so smooth and creamy. It has such a unique texture that is hard to completely describe. It really works though and I have gone through more jars than I can count. Great product!!

  2. Lisa, well said. Absolutely agree.