Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY... Large Leather Pockets

Last year I was frantically looking for the bright orange skirt before going to my tropical vacation in the middle of February.  Believe it or not, the orange color was not as hot as it is this year and I had hard time finding what I was looking for.  Finally, I found this bright orange H&M skirt, but it looked different when I bought it, it had no pockets that you see on my picture.  So, I bought this skirt, absolutely loved the color, but I felt that this skirt was missing some interesting details, it was a little bit boring to my taste at that time.  I decided that I need large pockets on this skirt, simple square large pockets, and then, maybe, it will look the way I like it.  When I started thinking of my material choices for those pockets, any textiles did not look right and I decided to make my pockets out of the red leather I had left form another project.  After I made my decision on the material for the pockets, the rest was easy.  I cut out two large leather squares, positioned them on my skirt the way I want and stitched it on by hand.

It is interesting to watch how large pockets trend has evolved and this season large pockets showing on everything.  This is the second season I have my DIY large red leather pockets orange skirt and still love it.  I loved it so much that I even attached two leather pockets to one of my black cotton cardigan too.  The only difference was that I made my black pockets not square but different shape, simply because the leather scraps I had were shaped this way.  Still loving it.

Can you go wrong with leather pockets?

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