Friday, August 24, 2012

Tribal Sweater for Fall/Winter 2012/13 ... History of My DIY

There are two prominent fashion trends for this Fall/Winter 2012/13 season that are very suitable for again popular knits.  This is  Tribal   and  Large Flowers    trends.  I already shared with you my Large Flowers Sweater  that I made a long time ago, so long that it became vintage, and since it made from wool, nothing happened to it and it looks as good as new.   My second example  is this cardigan, that I knitted from wool also a long time ago.  As you can see, it is right on Tribal trend that is so popular this fall, including increasing popularity of chunky knits.

It is true that this kind of DIY knitting projects are very time consuming.  When I first saw this pattern in the magazine, I was not even sure if I can do it.  However, I liked it so much, that I just started doing it, without thinking how long it might take to finish.  I was on the mission, I wanted to have this kind of piece.... and I did it.  My persistence paid off.  I enjoyed this unique cardigan for many years already, and now this kind of tribal pattern is crazy popular again.

Share with me if you have similar projects that stood the test of time!

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