Sunday, August 12, 2012

Inspiration... Black Maxi, Pockets, Porcelain Skin and Red Lips

It is not new that floor length gowns and voluminous ball skirts become more and more popular.  I have seeing a lot of these lately.  However, the photo above was the first one that stopped me on my track.  It made me study the image.  I was trying to understand what was in it that made me drop everything I was doing at the moment and stare at it like lunatic.  I could not take my eyes away from it, this is how beautiful it looked to me.

As I was analyzing this photo shot, I understood why I am so in love with this, in no particular order of importance:
  • It is dramatic look of total black, including her black hair and straight hairstyle
  • RED LIPS in combination with total black outfit and porcelain skin tone
  • Unbelievably chic combination of beautiful taffeta full skirt from Lanvin and simple top showing some skin.  I think this top with its wider shoulder straps is perfect for the skirt
  • Finally, the structure of the shot.  The way pavement white line on the left disappearing behind the image, showing the depth of the picture.  Beautiful Chinese singer Laure Shang and nonchalant pose with her hands in the POCKETS!  I believe this shot would not be the same without those pockets. 

Now I have to stop talking and just let you enjoy this image.  I think it is simply beautiful.

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  1. You should also check out her songs but that are sadly not available in Itunes due to who knows why. Recommedn "Love Warrior", "To McQueen", "La Muse de la Nuit" and a latest new french song "Ma Bulle". You can find those songs in Youtube by searching her name