Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chunky Knits and Flowers for Fall/Winter 2012/13... History of My DIY

I made this sweater lo-o-ong time ago. With the trend of chunky knits and large flowers print this Fal/Winter 2012/13, I will be wearing this oversized sweater a lot,  as soon as the cold front from Canada will push down our temperature close to 40F. 

Many-many years ago, when I found this beautiful flowers pattern in the magazine, I decided to make this wool sweater, no matter what.  Although, I was not sure if I will be able to finish it, because it looked very complicated.  When doing knitting project like that, with colorful pattern, it does require a lot of patience and very time consuming.  However, I did finish that project and now, every time when cold weather season comes, I am very happy to have this TIMELESS piece made by myself.  Soon it will become vintage.  The fact is, such classic elements as flowers, black color, chunky knits - never out of style, really.  Only when it is in style, like this coming fall, much more people will be wearing this combination, and when fashion designers will swith to somethign else, piece like this will be even more unique. 
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