Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Physicians Formula Powder Foundation ... SPF 50

Every year, at the beginning of the summer, when pool season starts, or during vacation at the sea, I always had a dilemma - how to protect my face from harmful UV rays but without my face looking all greasy from sun block lotions?  Normally it is not a problem during other seasons, because I just wear some loose powder with SPF 25, but during the swimming season, this is completely different story.  I needed to have something that is water resistant and looks good on the face.

This year I found and tested new Compact Powder Foundation "Healthy Wear" from Physicians Formula.  What attracted me in this product is the fact that it is SPF 50 (!), water resistant, perspiration resistant, provides very soft matte finish, and has some skin restorative properties, like brightens the skin.  What not to love?  For this long list of good things and very reasonable price of $15, I was more than happy to give it a try and so far I like what  see.

I have this compact in Translucent Medium color #7071 and it is perfect for my light skin tone with some tan color that I pick up during the summer.  Then, I really loved soft matte finish this product provides.  Also, very good coverage, so skin looks pretty much flawless, but still natural.  As far as Physicians Formula promise to lighten my skin and diminish appearance of sun spots - I still have to see.  I assume it has to be used long enough to have an effect.  However, regardless of that last test, this is the product I will keep buying, because with its budget friendly pricing, I use it when going for the walk in the morning, day at the pool, and it is definitely the one to bring with me to any of my future tropical vacation.  This is what I call "beautiful" protection. Pin It

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