Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Orchids ... Three Ice Cubes Trick

As we were getting ready for the wedding day, our potted orchids arrived.  Since potted orchids have special meaning for the bride and groom, it was decided to have a LOT of them on the tables and then give them away as wedding favor for the guests.  I have never seeing so many blooming orchids in one place.  It was a sea of blooming orchids and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Since we had to keep them in a good shape for the wedding day,  we wanted to know the best way to take care of them.  What we learned is that orchids are easy to grow but the only complicated part is to figure how much to water them.  Then we learned a trick.  Did you know this?   Thee cubes of ice per week is the perfect amount of water to keep orchids healthy.

This is what professional orchids grower saying: Emily Chockley of Green Circle Growers explained that the company was looking for a way to simplify care and encourage more people to give orchids a try: “After multiple tests at our greenhouse facility and with consumers, we’ve found that three ice cubes (equivalent to ¼ cup of melted water) is the perfect amount of water per week,” she said.

Orchids hate to stay constantly wet, so ice cubes are a great solution because they melt slowly enough to distribute the water throughout the soil, leaving little left at the bottom of the pot, Ms. Chockley went on to explain. And ice cubes melt quickly enough to not harm the roots.

One way to know if the plant is getting enough water is to look at the roots in the pot. If the roots appear green, then the orchid is well watered. However, if the orchid roots appear white or grayish, then the orchid can use additional ice cubes.

Let me know if it worked for you!


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  1. I love orchids, and those are spectacular!