Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fashion Finds... Burgundy and Leather for Fall/Winter 2012/13

I was planning on writing my Fashion Finds post  on burgundy color for awhile, but other topics would come as priority and I was delaying this post justifying my procrastination by the fact that burgundy is very big trend for the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 and we are still in June.  However, when I saw   this picture   posted by  The Sartorialist   I decided - it is time for action.  

So, burgundy color.  This color used to be in fashion, then it was out of everybody's favor, and now it is coming back.  As any fashion trend return from the past, there are some updates.  For example, burgundy color use in leather not limited to accessories only.  Leather skirts and dresses are on everyone's radar.  Then mixing such striking colors as turquoise or navy blue with burgundy in one outfit is also something that we have not seeing before.

I found that burgundy looks very chic and sophisticated in monotone outfit.  When you wear burgundy from top to bottom, your accessories will stand out even more.  Also burgundy can look very sharp in combination with black, light blue or gray.  There is something for everybody.  


Tommy Hilfiger

Proenza Schuler

Claes Iversen


Bottega Veneta


Corto Moltedo


Louis Vuitton

Salvatore Ferragamo

Are you planning on wearing burgundy color?

All photos via Vogue Italia Pin It

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