Friday, May 25, 2012

The Winners of A Red Lipstick for Convivio 2012 are.....

Last week I shared with you  my photo entry  that I sent to compete for the top 20 images to the initiative A Red Lipstick for Convivio launched in collaboration with Viva Glam by Mac and Vogue Italia.

Results of the competition are in and I am extremely excited that my photo was chosen by the editorial staff to be exhibited and put on sale between 8th - 12th June during the 11th edition of Convivio in Milan, the charity market fair selling designer pieces to fund the Lombardy section of National association for the fight against AIDS.   Here is the link to review all 20 winning photos of this competition.

I am happy to be a part of this fundraiser against AIDS along with all major fashion designers, artists, actors, singers and all creative individuals who contribute to this great cause.  In the span of eighteen years, the Mac Aids Fund has raised $ 235 millions through the sale of 15.4 millions lipsticks and lip glosses which have all be donated to support the fight against AIDS.

Here is the list of all 20 winners and picture titles:

As a Human Being with Heart and Love by Daniel Mahi Ho;  
Natura Morta (Still Life) by Pasqualina Spaccavento;
Cubelipstick - Mouthcube by Andrea Lorenzetti;  
Eva in Kamikaze shirt by Svetlana Jovanovic;  
Every me and every – Amber by Ambra Pegorari;  
Farfalla su rossetto (Butterfly on lipstick) (Foscolo) by Mario Izzo;  
Huellas - Shot in Naples by Ludovica Bastianini;  
It flush mouth by Daria Dajnowicz;  
Manichino - a colori ( Mannequin in colours) by Rosanna Ruzzai;  
Melisa - Portrait by Romina Ressia;  
My Lips in Paris by Diana Maistrova;  
Natural Red Lipstick - Mattia by Giulio Giampellegrini; 
Nel dolore altrui (In somebody else’s pain) by Sylvia Morìn;  
Raccontare una donna (Describing a woman) by Melissa Marchetti;  
Red by Cristina Coral;  
Rouge3 - Monochrome Madness by Vijat Mohindra;  
Springonthelips - Lipstick by Anna Loffredi,  
Tutto ciò che rimane di una cena (All that is left of a dinner) by Domenico Balducci;  
Untitled Film 35mm by Benedetta Falugi;  
Wintermaerchen - Anna by Svenja Pitz.

Congratulations to all contestants!

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