Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Red Lipstick for Convivio 2012

Today is the last day to submit photos for   A Red Lipstick for Convivio  2012.    You can see all photos submitted so far  HERE .  At the end, among the works that will arrive in the editorial office of  Vogue Italia  they will select 20 artworks, that later will be exhibited and put on sale during the  2012 Convivio,  the most important Exhibition market benefit organized in Italy.

In addition to my collage I posted yesterday, I sent my Harlequin Mask collage

and the photo I called The Light of Paris.  It is interesting that I bought my first red lipstick when visited Paris for the first time, and this is when my fascination with red lips started.  The book behind the photo The  Light of Paris by Assouline, is all about Paris. The same as red lipstick to me.  

  Share with me if you had a chance to participate in A Red Lipstick for Convivio 2012.

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