Monday, May 21, 2012

Travel Finds... Naples, Italy

I visited Italy multiple times, but this was my first time in Naples.  I have to tell you, Naples is a world on its own, it is completely different from anything I knew about Italy.  Naples has its own beauty.  If I can sum up my impression of Naples in one sentence - it is beautiful, crazy, charming, simple and complicated all in one.  I would like to go back again.  If you ever go there, enjoy this interesting place, but I suggest you not to rent a car in Naples.  If you were not born there or lived long enough and have nerves to drive their streets the way Neapolitan do, don't even try.  Period.

On my way to Naples, view of beautiful Alps under the wing of the plane

Mount Vesuvius

 Street view 

Orange tree in the backyard of our hotel

I think that Napoli's police uniform is very cool.  Also, I asked policemen to pose for my photo and they DID!  

Famous Neapolitan Pastry - Sfogliatelle

View of the Vomero hill on the background, the best spot to see Naples from the bird eye view.  People use funicular to get up there.

The view of Naples from the Vomero hill. 

The National San Martino Museum, a large monastery complex dating from 1368 that sits atop the Vomero hill

Monastery courtyard.  No, this skull is not real 

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