Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Wish List... Gold Lace Bracelets from Givenchy

You may noticed that more and more today's fashion is focusing on the lace, rich brocade textiles, velvet, gold.  In short - everything that we can describe as glory and luxury of the past centuries.  Personally, I embrace this trend in small quantities.  For example, I am not sure how often I would wear all lace dress, it is just not my style, but I do love my lace handmade accessories like THIS  They add an interesting touch to otherwise standard outfit.  Also, I like doing this kind of DIY projects because then I have something that is unique. 

When I saw THE gold lace bracelets from Givenchy, I think my heart skipped a bit and I decided to start My Wish List.  This bracelets are exactly what I love in accessories: lace, gold, unique and beautiful.  I do not hold my breath for owning those beauties, most probably it is not going to happen, but I have no problem dreaming of having those on my two wrists so real, that I feel good immediately, like I really have them.  It must be worn as a pair, no less.  Isn't these beautiful?
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