Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Body Skin Care... How Much it Cost?

Answering the question I put in the title - it depends.  Personally, I go through body lotions like a heavy smoker goes through packages of cigarettes.  I use body lotions religiously morning and night, after every shower, all over the body, regardless of the time of the year.  Considering how many tubes of body lotions I use per year, I had to find cost effective solution without compromising the quality of the product.  I think I found it.  For me it is Olay Quench Plus Firming body lotion.

What I like about this lotion is that it proved to be very good moisturizer and it also provides skin firming benefit.  I know how my skin looked before I started  using Olay and I like it much better now.  Another benefit of this lotion is that it gives to my skin very light golden shimmer, which looks good in any light, but especially I like it in the sunlight.  Perfect for summer to enjoy good looking bare skin!  So, this is my cost efficient solution to body skin care.  You can't bit the price tag under $10. 

Another my favorite and very special body lotion is on the other end of price line - Chanel #5 Velvet Body Cream.  It is not really "body skin care" to me, but pure indulgence, perfume, good mood, etc.  I use Chanel #5 perfume, and this perfumed body lotions is great addition to the "smell good" part of your beauty routine.  As it happens to all perfumed body lotions, they smell a bit different from originating perfume due to the lotion formulation.  This does not mean a bad thing though.  The smell of Chane #5 Velvet Body Cream is divine, and sometimes I prefer to use it instead of perfume.  It has long lasting smell and you need just a little to have the #5 scent follow you around.  As you can see, this is not the lotion you would use instead of all over the body lotion to firm up your skin.  These perfumed body creams has different purpose.  Keep in mind that if you put this Chanel's perfumed lotion all over your body, whoever will be hugging you will have the aroma of #5 on the skin as well, for a long time.  I am talking from the experience.  Just saying... Pin It

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