Monday, April 30, 2012

Travel finds... Le Marais, Paris

I grew up in a big European city, 2 million people big, and remember walking by the apartment buildings often thinking that behind every window there is a story of a person, a life, hopes and disappointments, in short - life as it is.  When I looked at my pictures I took in Le Marais during my last trip to Paris, I noticed that I had a LOT of images of windows.  I think it tells me that I am still fascinated by imaginary life behind those windows.

When in Paris, it was wonderful to walk Place Vendome and visit Rue Cambon   but our hotel was in Le Marais.  It was charming small hotel, and the best part of it was that our room was on the last floor.  I could not imagine more perfect location to feel like real Parisian living in a small apartment.  Having the room on the hotel's top floor was great, because I could take my pictures of attic windows at the same eye level.  I was able to see very close those old roof shingles, they were especially beautiful when wet from the rain.  I heard the sound of very heavy rain on the metal gutters.  I saw the rainbow over Parisian roofs when the sun came out.  This whole experience was unbelievably romantic, intimate and unforgettable.  Yes, it rained in Paris a lot, but I didn't mind it.

A couple of days ago   The Sartorialist posted a beautiful picture of a young woman he shot on the street in Le Marais.  I am pretty sure that the picture was taken on the same street where my hotel was located.  It brought back some memories and I decided to share my Le Marais experience with you today.  Here are some of my "moments" from my hotel window in Le Marais, Paris.  I hope these images and thoughts of Paris will make your day go by quick and easy.  Happy Monday!


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