Thursday, August 30, 2012

7 Ways of Feeling Irresistible... AND They DO NOT Include Dieting!

 Is feeling beautiful and happy are the same thing? Not always.  In our society feeling beautiful very often equals of being stick thin.  I know I always have a few pound to loose, but this can be dangerous and slippery slope.  Knowing that not from my personal experience but watching someone who I know.  Sad story.  I am convinced now that beauty without happiness is helpless and sad.  When people are happy - they usually look beautiful.  There is no beauty without happiness and no happiness without health.

I came across pretty great piece in  Vogue Italia   written by Martina Liverani.  She did good job by gathering information on this topic from the web.  Since I can sign under each and every word, I decided to put here the whole piece.

7 Ways of Feeling Irresistible by Martina Liverani

Fortunately, sex appeal has nothing to do with your weight. It’s rather about self-esteem, self-awareness, charisma, and the ability to understand and validate yourself. Sex appeal is something you radiate. In the summer, we get a lot of empty advice on how to look slimmer and more beautiful and how to make your partner surrender to you. We often forget that the most foolproof method is to work on your personality and attitudes, not on your body. So here are suggestions for feeling irresistible, whatever your size.

1. Follow your passion
There’s nothing more irresistible than someone who strongly believes in what they do and puts in the time and effort to develop their passion. When you hear someone talk about something they’re passionate about (whether it’s art, books, fashion, food, animal, their work...), you feel their sense of fulfilment: it’s like a magnet for the people around them.

2. Get moving!
It’s not just about burning calories. Going for a walk or taking a trip into the countryside (or around the area you live in) increases your heart rate and blood flow, giving your skin a rosier, brighter hue (and your mood will improve too).

3. Be interested
Everyone loves talking about themselves, but it’s equally important to know how to listen and show you’re interested in what the other person has to say. Develop your listening skills and show genuine curiosity in the things you partner says: it’s a way of creating trust and compatibility.

4. Be aware
Being aware of what really counts creates self-esteem and generates a flow of positive energy that moves from inside you outwards. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows she’s beautiful. Do you know how to be funny, entertaining, straightforward and intelligent? These are the qualities that count.
5. Do what you love
When you’re fully engaged in activities you love and that make you feel good when you do them, you experience trust in yourself and a sense of belonging and oneness. Do what you like doing, and the more you involve yourself in activities you like, the more you will feel attractive and irresistible.

6. Don’t make excuses
Focus on what you want. Accept who you are and how you are. Having clear ideas about yourself and developing your own talents (whatever they are) will allow you to view your body without too many anxieties. And stop making excuses and putting off an activity until you have the ‘perfect’ body to do it. The moment is now.

 7. Love and understand your body
Take the time to look after your body: listen to it and touch it. It’ll give you a way of appreciating it in all its glory. It’s the best tool we have and it allows us to do fantastic things. Send love to every inch of your body, pamper it and take care of it, without criticising it or wanting to change it. It’s special just as it is.

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