Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do You Want to be in Shape?... Beets Salad Recipe for You

When I came across the article from Shape Magazine (August 2012) about vegetable in season - beets, and read that 1 cup beets serving includes 7mg vitamin C, 148mcg folate and only 58 calories, I knew right away that I have to share with you my family's favorite beets salad recipe.

This recipe is very popular in my homeland, Belarus, but not so much in the USA, as beets in general.  However, considering how healthy and non-fattening this vegetable is and how easy this salad is to make,  I think you might like it.  At least this can be something new for you to try, and if even Shape magazine is raving about, why not?

  • Organic beets.  I buy organic only, the other ones just don't taste that good.  Also I prefer smaller size beets and buy large roots only if I cannot get small ones (this happened to me this time around)
  • Walnuts, chopped
  • Prunes, chopped
  • 1/2 of garlic clove
  • 1tbs of mayo
  • 2tbs of sour cream
  • salt to taste

How to prepare beets:

Article from Shape magazine suggests roasting beets in the 375F oven wrapped in the foil for one hour.  What I do when I don't want to start up the oven during the summer?  I put beets in boiled water in keep it boiling for 30 min in covered sauce pan (45 min for larger roots) and then put boiled beets in icy cold water to chill. This trick with ice helps to boil beets for less and still have hard beets softened just right.
Then you need to peel thin top skin layer from the beets.  It is easy but messy job, so I use disposable food gloves to avoid my hand end up being bloody red and kitchen apron to protect my clothing from splashes of red color.  Even if some beet juice will get to your clothing, don't worry, it comes off easy with regular wash.

Process: Shred beets, chop prunes, walnuts and 1/2 clove of garlic.  Put it all in one mixing bowl.  Add 1tbs of mayo and 2 tbs of sour cream, salt to taste. 

This is it!  Enjoy the color, the taste and the thought of how good you are to your body!  Side note: this salad is even tastier after it sits in a fridge for a couple of hours, when all flavors blends together.

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