Sunday, June 17, 2012

Textile Design Idea ... River Dam

I love all things that is connected to the ocean, water,  dolphins, coral reefs, you name it!  Recently I spent some time at river dam and although it is not the same as water in the ocean, I found something interesting there for me as well.  When I stood and looked at infinite flow of water for certain period of time, somehow the fact that I was looking at the body of water disappeared.  I felt that I was looking at some very solid texture, constantly moving but solid, like I could walk on it.  It was some ever changing, mesmerizing constant flow of a beautiful material with ever changing pattern as water was moving, catching a sunlight at a different angle, changing the color depending on the clouds in the sky...   This was one of those times when I could not tell how long or how little I was standing and watching this scene, taking pictures, watching again...  I was hypnotized. Then I caught myself thinking of a textile design.  I imagined a pattern imitating this water flow and thinking how cool that would be...  I would call this design River Dam... Too bad I am not a textile designer.  Well, the least I can do is to share what I saw by posting several pictures.  Maybe you will see what I saw.

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