Monday, June 11, 2012

Anti-Aging Solution... Good News for Dark Chocolate Lovers

 There could be a new reason to finally buy chocolate. Scientists at Lycotec, spinoff laboratory of Cambridge University and Cambridge Biotech Cluster, have in fact found a way to enhance the levels of antioxidants found in chocolate, without the accumulation of calories. “Anyone can benefit from the intrinsic values of cocoa without damaging one’s health or eating habits,” states Dr. Ivan Petyaev of Lycotec.
Eating a piece of chocolate every day could prevent the skin’s aging and the formation of wrinkles caused by the sun’s UV rays. But that’s not all, scientists confirm that chocolate could also reduce the risk of skin cancer.
But how does this transformation happen in the lab? The beloved sweet could be modified in anti-aging effects by increasing how the molecules of cocoa can be absorbed, which naturally improve the oxygenation of the skin. Increasing the power of these molecules (flavonoids), the aging process could be slowed down. The effect of flavonoids has always been considered an essential factor in slowing down the degenerative processes of the skin. The effect has now been strengthened thanks to the process scientists call  Coco-Lysome  making it healthier than normal. The only type of chocolate that could be anti-aging is dark chocolate, precisely because it has a high level of flavonoids (antioxidants in cocoa).
At the moment modified chocolate, created in labs by Dr. Petyaev, is not available on the market. So before running to the supermarket it’s better to wait, also because scientists have not achieved the same results with normal chocolate.
Via Vogue Italia
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