Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Fashion Finds... Purple for Fall/Winter 2012/13

When I bought my purple boots many years ago, I liked them a lot, but I did not think that purple color still will be going strong seven years later.  Back then I thought I would wear them for maybe a season or two and that is it.  The reason I was thinking that way was that purple to me is what I call intense color, which is very exiting to wear at the beginning, but then I usually get tired of it very fast.  Now I know that if you want to avoid short lived purple pieces in your closet, you need to find the right shade of purple.  Actually, this goes to any color.  There is no such thing as wrong color, but wrong shade of that color.

I have to say that my purple boots became my new neutral, and "attention  grabber. " Neutral, because I wear this dark purple with almost any other color I have in my closet and somehow it work.  The "attention grabber" because I can't tell you how many times people complimented me on those boots.  I was so mistaken thinking that my purple accessory will be gone in a session or so!  Look what Fall/Winter 2012 offers in accessory department - PURPLE.  Well, I better keep my purple boots in good shape, because I will be using them a lot this coming fall, as usual.  Via  Vogue Italia 

Roberto Cavalli

Marc Jacobs

Emporio Armani

Bottega Veneta

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