Friday, April 20, 2012

Manicure... OPI nail polish #NLR58

I envy those people who can wear nail polishes in all shades of rainbow.  I am stuck with  pure red , deep burgundy, coral, light pink and now this color.  I even don't know how to describe it, because it is not silver or nude or pink, it is kind of all together.  Should I say silver with nude/pink base color?  It looks much more silvery in the sunshine and more gold with nude undertone under artificial light.  Actually I like it because it is still neutral to me, not too harsh as straight silver nail polish would be, but with a little kick to it, which makes it more exciting than simple nude color.  This is OPI # NLR58, Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey.  Color in the bottle looks nothing like it looks on my nails.  In the bottle it looks like it supposed to be darker and not as silvery.  Although it is not what I expected, I like it because this color is very easy and forgiving as far as application goes.  This is exactly what I need today!

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