Friday, April 13, 2012

Industrial Design - Knitted Stools

More and more an old fashion crafts evolve into fashionable trends nowadays.  I showed you an examples with Needlepoint   trend used by designers in 2012 Spring Summer collections.   Another big trend this years - chunky knits.  Knitting is big in fashion this year and it found its way into interior design.  When I discovered these innovative stools collection I thought you wold like to see them too.  They are adorable!  The designer - Claire-Anne O’Brian, originally form Ireland, recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters in Textiles and is now based in London.  In her collection she used sheep and lamb wool.  As you see, wool not only for cozy pullovers anymore.  Are you getting your DIY ideas the way I do?!   Tell me if you do!  Via  Design 42 day

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